OXBOW Eco-Straw Wheat Straw Litter, 20 lb (9.07 kg)

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All-natural, dust-free litter from Oxbow! Eco-Straw is made only of 100% wheat straw. Eco-Straw is twice as absorbent as newspaper-based litter and absorbs 300% its weight in moisture.

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A clean pet is a happy, healthy and snuggable pet.  Your furry friend deserves safe litter and comfortable bedding options designed to keep them fresh, clean, and ready to cuddle.  Oxbow natural litter and bedding products are designed with both health and comfort in mind, so your little loved one will always be at the ready to snuggle up.


  • Moisture Wicking & Absorbent
  • Naturally Eliminates Odor
  • Environmentally Friendly & Dust Free
  • Lasts Longer Than Traditional Litter

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Weight 9.07 kg



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