HI-PRO 16% Poultry Grower Crumble, 44 lb (20 kg)

Feed continuously as the sole ration to poultry. This item is available for in-store pickup only.  Please call or email your local Blue Barn for current pricing and inventory.


Feed continuously as the sole ration to poultry.  Feed should be changes slowly over 3-5 days when changing to other grower or finisher feeds. This feed may be fed to meat type birds as a finishing feed or to replacement birds from 14 weeks of age.  If birds have been vaccinated or are subject to other stresses, feed a medicated feed for a period of at least 5 days to assist with recovery.  Always provide ample clean, fresh water. For further information refer to our poultry guide.


Directions for use must be carefully followed.


Additional Information

Weight 20.0 kg

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