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The Henry Wag Pet Paw Cleaner is the practical solution for cleaning muddy paws.


The Henry Wag Pet Paw Cleaner is the practical solution for cleaning muddy paws.

This easy to use Pet Paw Cleaner needs just a little water but can also be used with shampoo directly inside the cleaner to tackle muckier paws. Simply put your dog’s paw into the cleaner and the soft silicone bristles will massage the paw to remove mud and dirt. Once you’re finished, remove your dog’s paw, dry it and repeat with their other legs. The Pet Paw Cleaner is available in one size, suitable for a wide range of dog breeds and animal sizes.

The Pet Paw Cleaner completely disassembles for easy cleaning. Once you’re done, unscrew the lid and take out the silicone bristles. We recommend hand washing and air drying all components of the Pet Paw Cleaner after every use.

The Pet Paw Cleaner can be used at home, in the car or on the go. This makes it the perfect choice for cleaning your dog for mid-hike pub stops, town visits or when popping by your friends’ or family’s houses mid-stroll. The Pet Paw Cleaner helps keep mud, sand and fox poo from entering your home by not transferring muck into the interiors of your car after a delightful but mucky dog friendly adventure. The handy fabric lanyard adds to the paw cleaner’s portability. Simply clip it on to your favourite backpack or rucksack for on-the-go access on adventures big and small!

Perfect for the adventurous dogs who like to explore and parents who prefer to leave the great outdoors, outdoors.

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