FLUVAL Bio-FX Filter Media


Featuring a complex porous structure with deep interconnected micro-tunnels, BIO-FX provides vast surface areas where billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria can easily establish themselves and thrive to foster a healthier aquatic environment.

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Available in 2 packaging formats and 2 nugget sizes, BIO-FX is a premium biological media ideal for use with all filter types.


  • Biological filter media
  • Safe, inert ceramic material
  • 2 L format is designed for use with smaller canisters and power filtration
  • 5L format is designed for use with larger canisters and sump filtration.
  • Deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels offers vast surface area for billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria to establish and thrive
  • Linked cavities permit free and even water flow, discourage blockages and prolong contact time for superior and effective biological filtration
  • Allows for the establishment of a high concentration of nitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia and nitrite quickly and efficiently for a healthier aquarium
  • For best results, rinse monthly using aquarium water and replace partially every 6 months
  • For optimal filtration, place in the last stage of the filtration process

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